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HOT快特勵蒸箱櫃 省時節能

About Us

We’re a professional manufacturer & exporter of food steamer & warmer in Taiwan.
With more than 30 years professional experience in this field we afford CE approval, innovative designed and unique patented products to assist our customers and gain a good reputation from them.
Our product features are energy saving for gas, labor and time.
 The patented heating system design enables the water to reach boiling phase in 3 minutes. Therefore, it saves 75% more of gas consumption.
 With installation of water auto-feeding and warning alarm will inform you when water supply is abnormal. The electronic control panel for time & temperature pre-setting to avoid any caused by worker’s negligence and make sure the quality is stable.
 The steam distributed evenly in the chamber to assure the food kept at the best steaming condition and without drips fall to damage the food quality.
 The 10cm thermo-insulation layer keeps the heat preservation in good condition and the external wall of the cabinet won’t be too hot to hurt the people.
 To keep sufficient pressure and temperature inside the cabinet the pasta with higher gluten won’t have the problem of contraction and wrinkles on it’s surface when the steaming temperature drops down. The Buns steamed inside may look brighter, bigger and taste chewier.

Our steamer can steam any food you would like to steam, for example, rice, noodle, cake, vegetable, meat, potato and bun.
In addition, our steamer can do sterilize with high temperature for any type of canned food.